Architect’s cautionary note: Beware of SEO assassination

After spending a couple of years tinkering with my Joomla web site at I never expected to be starting a new blog for it. Here we are though.

When trying to log into my website at, it redirects to The public (frontend) side of my site seems ok fortunately, but the backend admin side is not accessible through the normal user interface.

I’m not a computer technician, but I can see that I could access the raw files and edit them in a text editor. That’s the serious business of computer nerds, and even if I could do it, it would take me forever to find just the right file and line of text to modify.

My host advises that the database used for has a divert reference to, which is causing the issue.

I personally built the site, entirely from blank, using joomla extensions etc over the last couple of years.This is the first time I’ve encountered Harm Reduction Australia. It clearly wasn’t my doing. The only other peeps with admin access to my joomla database was

I’ve been a customer for a couple of years where adequately and professionally operated my Adwords campaign. Set and forget for me, which was very pleasant. Because of that level of service, I was enticed in Aug 2016, when I was contacted by their sales team, to engage in an SEO package with Sponsoredlinx, and I proposed to pay $850 or so a month in advance, to whip my site into SEO shape so that I coud drop the google adwords campaign in exchange for much more organic traffic.

After the first month of the SEO process, I was reasonably dis-satisfied and cancelled the service agreement. That’s apparently when the fun really began.

I’ve just installed as a Joomla extension  “redirect-on-login” (the pro module), which is impressive, and I’ve set it to redirect my admin login to the standard /administrator/index.php. That should do it? Nope. My admin login is still diverting to the other person’s site. Id like to take the opportunity to say that it’s not a bad site. There are many worse choices to divert someone’s business site to, if an SEO expert was so inclined. And, I quite like Harm Reduction Australia. I support their socially responsible objectives. It’s just not for me, and I’m less impressed in so far as they make no mention of my business, at all, while my entire admin side diverts to their front side. Upon reflection, it hasn’t been the smartest SEO decision from SponsoredLinx, unless of course, their client is Harm Reduction Australia. Instead of promoting Disabled Access, my access has been disabled. I’m struggling to think of a reason why I would pay for that.

I can access my site by installing a nearly recent backup. I must remember to back up, off site. All the good backups are missing. When I do reinstall from backup, I get one opportunistic access to the admin backend, but after that, the divert behaviour starts again. Welcome, then, I say, to my new organic site at

In the past few years I have recommended sponsoredlinx to numerous architects but it’s difficult to recommend them so highly, or to recommend that anyone adopt their SEO services, in light of their latest efforts for Sydney Access Consultants.

I suppose we’re forced, dear readers, to learn SEO together then.

Step 1: Establish some Keywords – there’s a great tool for that on Google Adwords.

Gary Finn

Author: Gary Finn

We are dedicated registered* architect professionals with specific qualifications in Access Consulting and improve accessibility, architecture, interior design and project management. Sydney Access Consultants™ is committed to promoting and facilitating equitable access to the built environment for people with a disability. We achieve this by assisting people to find practical, innovative and cost effective solutions to access questions encountered in everyday life.

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