Double your hourly rate. Now.

A lower rate does not attract MORE clients. A lower rate attracts DIFFERENT clients.

In the eye of the client, your “hourly rate” is a direct representation of your value. Here is how a client thinks:

“Architect A is twice as expensive as Architect B (per hour)?

OK, then Architect A is probably as double as good as Architect B. His work is probably better, he works faster and more to the point. He must have more experience that justifies this higher rate. Architect B is probably not that good. He is ‘cheap’, so his quality must be cheap as well.”

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Author: Gary Finn

We are dedicated registered* architect professionals with specific qualifications in Access Consulting and improve accessibility, architecture, interior design and project management. Sydney Access Consultants™ is committed to promoting and facilitating equitable access to the built environment for people with a disability. We achieve this by assisting people to find practical, innovative and cost effective solutions to access questions encountered in everyday life.

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