Backlink Sources

Searching for an expert’s services is now performed almost exclusively over the internet.

If someone is looking for an “disability access consultant” or a specialist “Sydney Access Consultants” or “disability access to buildings”, google has an algorithm to rank each of us in succession, perhaps blowing out to fifty or more pages of different sites. Clearly, you want to be on the first page, and moreover, it’s better to be listed in the top three than in the lower 5th of that page.

Backlinks are links to your website from other websites. The more relevant backlinks you have leading to your website, the more it is likely that google increases your rank and you go higher up the list compared to your lesser linked competitors.

You can pay someone to do all this stuff, and you take the risk that they have your best interests at heart, but how do you measure how successful your site is when they’re done? Backlinks. How many does yours have? I bet you haven’t got a clue.

Not all of your backlinks are equal. It is prudent to get backlinks from high quality links. You will need links from your numerous social profiles, from business and industry association sites as well as local directories, from wordpress sites, tumblr, and so on, and you will need to get active in the internet community making helpful contributions to discussions and chat rooms in your field of expertise, as an invited guest if practical, as well as being linked as a contributor or for sponsorship of charity organisations and associations.

If your skills are truly professional your site would be rewarded by rankings for your involvement in mentoring, scholarship and education, with those sites linking back to your site. Being followed by university sites, for instance, is gold.

Who has the time for real work?

Author: Gary Finn

We are dedicated registered* architect professionals with specific qualifications in Access Consulting and improve accessibility, architecture, interior design and project management. Sydney Access Consultants™ is committed to promoting and facilitating equitable access to the built environment for people with a disability. We achieve this by assisting people to find practical, innovative and cost effective solutions to access questions encountered in everyday life.

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