SEO: Establishing the right keywords

Keywords are the words people use when searching the internet for something they’re interested in. Keywords therefore are the backbone of generating good organic traffic, and a successful paid advertising campaign.

So, what keywords do you use? Keywords are your competitor’s closest guarded secret. They drive the success of a marketing campaign. Many of your competitor’s keywords are probably lousy, truth be known. They may not perform well, just better than yours in an adwords campaign, or perhaps because of low social media presence, or re-branding process.

For my hobbled site at my top 30 keywords are:

access consultant, access consultants, access consultant sydney, access consultants sydney, disability access consultant, disability access consultants, disability access consultant sydney, disability access consultants sydney, access consultancy, access consulting services, accessibility consultant, AS 1428, AS 1428.1, AS 1428 Design for Access and Mobility, assess building plans, disability access building plans, disabled accessibility building plans, access consultant building plans, disability access to buildings, access to buildings for disabled people, planning disability access to buildings, disabled accessibility for buildings, disabled accessibility, accessibility for disabled, disability access, planning disability access, disability access architect, disability access architects, disability access architecture, disabled accessibility architect.

You might think that I’ve divulged something top secret, and yes I have, but that information is actually publicly available by searching for it. Besides that, keywords are best used in articles but not just randomly dropped in, apparently they need to belong there, in the context of the article, and your site.

Here’s a link to how you might do that for $50, and discover all of a competitor’s keywords, used by them over the last 10 years: m

Author: Gary Finn

We are dedicated registered* architect professionals with specific qualifications in Access Consulting and improve accessibility, architecture, interior design and project management. Sydney Access Consultants™ is committed to promoting and facilitating equitable access to the built environment for people with a disability. We achieve this by assisting people to find practical, innovative and cost effective solutions to access questions encountered in everyday life.

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